Lack Of Sleep: Not getting enough sleep? There may be multiple physical and mental problems

New Delhi: Sleep covers about one third of human life, or 8 hours per night. There are many reasons why people need sleep (necessity of proper sleep). This includes consolidating memories, recharging energy and re-energizing yourself. As a result, it goes without saying that sleep is very important for the human body. But if moderate or not enough sleep (Sleep Deprivation), then? Can disease occur? Could there be any physical or mental problems?

What problems does lack of adequate sleep cause?

For physical well-being, immunity, emotional and cognitive well-being, Getting enough sleep is very important. According to a US study, about 30 percent of adults suffer from sleep problems. With less sleep comes a host of ailments. For example, inattentiveness at school or work, delayed normal reactions, increased risk of accidents, mental illness such as drug abuse, depression, anxiety, and even pregnancy can lead to multiple problems.

Sleep less or no sleep Not being able to perform well at work can lead to emotional problems, which can make it difficult to maintain good interpersonal relationships. Workplaces that spoil the work environment, reduce the amount of desired output. Anxiety and depression then set in at work. 

Slow reaction times increase the likelihood of serious injury, permanent disability, and death in collisions at home, work, and on the road. 

Lack of sleep. In other words, insomnia is not only a physical illness, but also brings mental problems like depression, anxiety, drug abuse. Insomnia and mental illness are inversely related, and it is essential to treat both conditions simultaneously to speed up one’s recovery.

Drug or drug abuse, insomnia is both associated with mental conditions. There are many people who have problems with insomnia, and they also consume drugs in large quantities. In many cases, they may have ‘forgotten’ how to sleep without sedatives or medication. 

Insufficient sleep increases the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease and hypertension.

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Sleep deprivation can be another serious problem. Inadequate sleep can lead to multiple complications during pregnancy. As a result, the risk of premature birth, C-section, and more pain during labor increases. Besides, depression may occur during pregnancy or the child may be underweight. 

(Disclaimer: Claims mentioned in the copy, procedures are advisory. To follow the necessary treatment procedures, please consult a specialist / doctor and follow the rules accordingly. Let’s go.)

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