Jesus Christ has been reborn as a woman, China’s ‘most dangerous’ sect’s shocking claim

Christians around the world are eagerly waiting for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ based on their beliefs. But a sub-sect believes that Jesus Christ returned to earth as a woman from China. The community associated with the Eastern Lightning Church of China considers the Chinese woman to be an incarnation of Jesus Christ. It is also known as ‘The Church of Almighty God’. It was established in 1991 in China and has around 3 to 4 million members. These people believe that Jesus has reincarnated as a Chinese woman. Although the woman is not named in her literature, she is believed to be Yang Jiangbin, also known as Deng. She is also the girlfriend of the sect’s founder, Zhao Weishan. According to the church’s official origin story, ‘In 1991 a sister in the church spoke to the Holy Spirit and witnessed ‘the name of God’ and ‘the coming of God’.

The government had imposed a banAccording to the story, ‘Everyone was excited but could not understand what was happening. Then Jesus started speaking, talking one after the other. People felt that these words were from the Holy Spirit and certainly from God.’ Local media have called the group “China’s most dangerous sect”. The communist government formally banned it as zhi jiao (evil sect) in 1995.

Eastern Lighting another name for violence and vandalismThere is not much information publicly available about Eastern Lighting, but it is disturbing. Christianity Today spoke to university scholars who have spent their time researching and interviewing church members. The report claimed that the group uses violence, coercion and intimidation to connect people with them. Reports said the group had forced people to leave their families and household items. This group especially preys on single women.


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