Imran Khan: Police arrived in Lahore to arrest the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, where is he? New noise

Lahore: Police went to Lahore house to arrest former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. But where is he? According to the police, the former prime minister was not found in the Lahore residence. But there is a new uproar as soon as the fact that a move to arrest Imran is about to begin has come to light. The ‘captain’ of Pakistan’s World Cup winning cricket team. There are several cases going on about that. According to reports, officers from Islamabad came to Imran’s residence in Lahore. Outside, there was a crowd of Imran-supporters. Later, the Islamabad police tweeted, ‘According to the order of the court, to arrest Imran Khan  Islamabad police reached Lahore. He was not at all keen to surrender. So the Superintendent of Police entered Imran’s house. But he was not there.’ He did not appear in a corruption case last February 28. After that an arrest warrant was issued in the name of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan. 

What is the allegation?
The allegation is that the gifts Imran received while in power were either not disclosed or sold. He also hid the news of the profit that came from it. As per rules, the government  Officers are required to report all gifts. The rules also state that gifts can be kept by a government official only if their value falls below a certain threshold. In this case, Imran said, ‘I am being summoned in a fake case. The whole country needs to know this.’ He also said that if resistance is not built against these corrupt rulers, it is a bad sign for the whole country. However, on Sunday, the mouthpiece of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, said, “We received a notice from the Islamabad police. But there was no mention of arrest. We will talk to our lawyer and decide the next legal course of action.’

What next?
Someone or someone fired at the former Pakistan Prime Minister at a gathering last year. In fact, since his ouster, there have been many scandals going on in Pakistan. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief has been continuously protesting for the polls to be held before October. After that this incident.


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