Human semen for chimpanzees .. Did the Russian scientist experiment succeed? What is ‘Humanji’?

Your s & lsquo; Planet of the Apes & rsquo; Have you seen the movie? That’s not all there is to the harassment of chimpanzees who think more actively than humans. Since it is a movie .. we enjoyed everything. In fact .. there have been attempts to make such chimpanzees since time immemorial. A Russian scientist has tried to create a & lsquo; humanji & rsquo; with a combination of human-chimpanzees. If he knew about the anarchic experiments he did, he would put his finger on his nose. Has his experiment paid off so far? & lsquo; Humanji & rsquo; Did it come to this earth?

Why this experiment?: Man is said to have come from the ape race. It has long been thought that even chimpanzees or gorillas have close ties to the human race. However, it is known that they cannot think and speak as intelligently as human beings. They have a lot of strength and power .. They can not even work hard as a human being. But Joseph Stalin, a prominent Soviet-era politician in Russia, thought that chimpanzees could act like humans if they had intelligence. The & lsquo; humanji & rsquo; Wanted to make a strong army called Super Soldier by. Stalin poured a lot of money into these experiments at the time. Ordered to create an invincible race for their Red Army soldiers. The matter was taken care of without the knowledge of the outside world at the time. However, the sensational facts were revealed through confidential documents released in 1990. He told the humanists to look no further than man. Stalin said that this new hybrid (man-chimpanzee combination) should be useful for the construction of railway tracks. & nbsp;

Government-funded trip to Africa: Prior to this experiment, scientist Ivanov successfully completed an artificial insemination experiment on horses. He proved that one male sperm can conceive up to 500 females. As part of this he introduced horse semen into female zebras and tried to create a hybrid called the Super Horse. When it was possible to hybridize horses .. The idea was that hybrid breeds could be made by chimpanzees, a species close to man. Stalin believed that power belonged only to Ivanov. In 1924 Ivanov submitted his proposals for a hybridization experiment to the Soviet government. He was told to go to Africa to collect chimpanzees for the experiment. With this the government allocated funds to him. Although it is known that the experiment was controversial, it is noteworthy that the Paris Pasteur Institute came forward to help Ivanov. Ivanov was granted permission to use a research center in Guinea, West Africa, for research on monkeys and chimpanzees.

Experiment on African women ..: It did not take long for Ivanov to realize that collecting chimpanzees was not easy. For this he had to be specially trained. He said in a letter to fellow scientists that female chimpanzees in particular were showing him the dots. In total he collected three & nbsp; chimpanzees .. and injected human semen into their mysteries. But, nothing got pregnant. Eventually he captured African women and tried to conceive them with chimpanzee semen. Upon learning of this, the Soviet Academy of Sciences immediately withdrew its support for the project. Russian scientists have told the government that the experiment could undermine Africans’ confidence in European researchers and doctors, and could jeopardize international relations. & zwnj;

The experiment went awry ..: Ivanov returned to the Soviet Union after the project was halted. There he set up a nursery with 20 chimpanzees in the Republic of Abkhazia near Georgia and continued to experiment. Ivanov was arrested in 1930 for failing in the project and finding evidence of attempts on experiments on African women. Ivanov eventually died in a labor camp in 1932. Alexander Etkind, a Russian historian at the University of Cambridge, told the media that Ivanov wanted to prove that monkeys evolved from humans. He claimed that man evolved from a kind of ape, and wanted to state Darwin’s theory that man was not created by God. But some at the time thought that doing so was against religion. Those who believed that man did not come from an ape, but were created by God, did not like Ivanov’s experiments. Over and over it seems to have killed many monkeys for these experiments. This is evidenced by the monkey skeletons unearthed in 2005 in Tsukumi, a town near the Black Sea in Georgia.

& lsquo; Humanji & rsquo; Does it really exist ?:

In 1970, & lsquo; Humanji & rsquo; The word was heard. & lsquo; Oliver & rsquo; The chimpanzee is thought of as a & lsquo; humane & rsquo; It is believed to be a hybrid species of man-chimpanzees. Because .. it is bald like human beings. Some believe that chimpanzees evolved in order to become human. That is, chimpanzees are thought to be the first species to be born before humans. However, tests performed on Oliver in 1996 showed that it had 48 chromosomes and was not a human hybrid. (Humans have 46 chromosomes). It has been proven that it is not possible to create & lsquo; humans & rsquo; with a combination of chimpanzees and humans as a whole. But, now a lot of technology is available. So .. creating humanities is not a big difficulty. At the time that experiment failed so it was enough. If that happened then the & lsquo; Planet of the Apes & rsquo; The human race is in danger.

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