‘Flood’ of poisonous scorpions in Egypt outcry, dying in 1 hour of sting

In Egypt’s southern Aswan region, on Friday, storms and heavy rains have flooded the poisonous scorpions hiding in the desert. Only scorpions are seen everywhere in homes and on the roads. These scorpions are so deadly that humans die within 1 hour of stinging. So far 3 people have died due to its grip and hundreds of people have reached the hospital. Many snakes have also come out after entering the water in the bill, due to which the problem has increased. According to the Egyptian Health Ministry, the Aswan region receives an inch of rain every year, but this year it has received unusually heavy rains and snow has also fallen. Scorpions usually hide under crevices and rocks during the day and emerge at night. They hunt small lizards and insects at night. No details about the dead have been revealed so far.

doctors leave canceled
The deadly Arabian breed of scorpions is found in large numbers in Egypt and they are considered to be the most dangerous in the world. On stinging these scorpions, immediately severe pain starts, swelling and rash appear. If the sting is not treated within 1 hour, the person may die. Egyptian scorpions are yellow in color and the tail is quite thick and slightly black. In view of this catastrophe, the doctors’ holidays have been canceled. A representative of Egypt’s health ministry said 89 people had to be admitted to the Aswan University hospital after being bitten by scorpions. Not only this, hundreds of people are being treated in other hospitals of the city. In view of the huge number of patients, the doctors who went on leave have been called back. All the hospitals have been additionally supplied with anti-scorpion venom. The scorpion bites have resulted in blurred vision for the people, forcing traffic to a halt on some parts of the city.


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