Covid-19 Vaccine: Needle free Kovid vaccine likely to come soon, know its benefits and future

Needle-Free Covid Vaccine: The war against the corona epidemic is still going on around the world. Scientists are also trying to find out how this disease can be controlled with the use of better technology. Various experiments are also going on regarding vaccination. Meanwhile, researchers have claimed to have made a needle free vaccine. Since the beginning of the Kovid epidemic, researchers have been working to make life-saving drugs painless. Researchers say that the needle-free Kovid vaccine patch is coming soon. This is an update that can revolutionize the field of medicine. The study, published in the journal Science Advances, has shown promising results. David Müller, a virologist at the University of Queensland and a co-author of the paper, the Australian-American team used patches measuring one square centimeter, which were tiny enough that you can’t actually see them.

Benefits of the needle-free COVID vaccine

claims better performance

Researchers have found a so-called "subunit" used a vaccine that reproduces the spikes that dot the surface of the coronavirus. Mice were injected over the course of two minutes, either through the patch or with a syringe. The patch recipients’ immune systems produced high levels of neutralizing antibodies after two doses, with their lungs performing significantly and better at preventing COVID-19. The researchers also found that a subset of mice that were given only one dose of the vaccine did not become ill at all.

The future of needle-free COVID vaccine

The patch used in the study is made by the Australian company Vaxxas. Human trials are planned from April. Two other US companies are also part of the race. CEO Michael Schrader said that we are working on a seasonal covid and flu combination product, which will be sent directly to the patients’ homes and they can use it themselves. With funding from the US National Institutes for Health, Wax has just opened a factory near Boston. Their goal is to produce enough patches to vaccinate 2,000 to 3,000 people in clinical trials, which are to be launched next summer. However, there is still a big challenge in production. So far no manufacturer has been able to produce enough patches on a large scale. However, the Kovid epidemic has attracted more investors. Hopefully, the way vaccines are received around the world will soon change.

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