Corona Vaccine: Pfizer Corona Vaccine Approved for 5-11 Year Olds in US

Washington : Millions of children vaccinated with covidia (Corona Vaccine) The United States has taken a step further. The United States on Friday 5 To 11 Covid vaccine approved. Soon after 28 Million American Children Vaccinated (Vaccine For Children) Will be done. The decision was made by a high-level medical panel in support of immunization for children. When making this decision , The panel noted that the benefits of the Pfizer covid vaccine outweigh the risks of side effects.

This is America China , Chile , (CDC) Allowed the use of the Pfizer vaccine for children after discussions with a panel on Tuesday. Janet Woodcock, head of the Food and Drug Administration, said Kovid -19 Vaccinating young children against the common condition And bring it closer to coming back.

Pfizer And its partners BioNTech Announced this week that the U.S. government has 50 Millions of doses purchased because it works to protect children. 2,000 participants , It has been found that these vaccines are effective in controlling the epidemic. 90 Percentage is more effective. Vaccine safety 3,000 children , In which no serious side effects were found.

Low dose of Pfizer vaccine approved for children under one year of age. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) The advisory committee unanimously approved the vaccine. But the committee members made the decision to the parents The virus is not going anywhere. We have to live with it. "

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