Bibi was given Kovid vaccine by male doctor, angry leader publicly slapped the governor

In Iran, a governor was publicly slapped on the stage by the local leader there. This leader was angry about his wife getting the Kovid vaccine from a male doctor. The Iranian governor was addressing an opening ceremony on the stage at the time of the attack. During this, the accused leader climbed the stage and ran his hand on the governor giving a speech. Seeing the attack on the governor, the security personnel swung into action and caught the leader on the stage itself.

Governor of East Azerbaijan province slapped
Iran’s state-run Persia News Agency reported that Abedin Khorram, governor of East Azerbaijan province, was slapped by a member of the armed forces during a ceremony. Khorram has been the provincial commander of Iran’s Army Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). He was also allegedly kidnapped by Syrian rebel forces before becoming governor.

suddenly attacked on stage
Governor Khorram stood on the podium to speak for his inaugural address. In the same way, this leader came to the stage in a rage. He did not look at it and gave a slap receipt to the governor. The microphone on the podium broadcast not only the sound of the slap, but the exchange of words between the two, throughout the venue.

Wife was angry about getting the vaccine from a male doctor
The motive of the attack is not clear in this report. However, it is being told that this leader was unhappy that his wife was given a dose of Kovid vaccine by a male doctor. Immediately after the attack, security personnel swung into action and dragged the attacking leader away from the stage. The entire program was briefly interrupted after the attack, but Governor Khorram soon returned and quipped, recalling his kidnapping in Syria.

Security personnel caught the attacker
Khorram said that I do not know this attacker at all. I don’t even know why I was attacked. However, I am used to it. When I was in Syria, I was beaten and dragged 10 times a day. They used to put a loaded gun on my head. Despite this, I have no enmity with such people. I have forgiven them.

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