Asteroid larger than Taj Mahal: What will happen to Earth?


  • The largest asteroid ever to come to Earth.
  • An asteroid larger than the Taj Mahal.
  • The asteroid is about 3.8 million miles from Earth’s orbit.
  • What does NASA say about an asteroid named 1994 WR12?

WASHINGTON: Asteroids are unique guests in the solar system, and guests who don’t even need Earth. If one of the asteroid paths crashes and crashes to the earth, it is impossible to predict the damage. We all know that an asteroid that struck the Earth millions of years ago destroyed the descendants of dinosaurs.

It is common for asteroids to pass near Earth orbit. These asteroids orbiting the Sun in their own trajectory are not harmful to the Earth, but at times they come close to Earth. Thus asteroids approaching Earth’s orbit increase the anxiety of astronomers.

NASA’s astronomers have reported that an asteroid larger than our Taj Mahal is about to come close to Earth’s orbit. The asteroid, named the 1994 WR12, has a diameter of about 430 feet, making it one of the largest asteroids near Earth orbit in recent times, NASA said.

Stadium-sized giant asteroid rushing to Earth
The 1994 WR12 asteroid will pass about 3.8 million miles from Earth’s orbit. NASA has made it clear that the asteroid’s orbit is being tracked, although the asteroid is less likely to pose any threat to Earth.

If the 1994 WR12 hit the earth, it would produce 77 megabytes of TNT of power. NASA has reported that it will emit 1.5 times more energy than Russia’s ‘Tsar Bomba’ nuclear weapon.

DART Mission:
NASA recently launched a spacecraft under the DART mission to study asteroids, which will launch a pair of asteroids named Didimos.

NASA’s ‘Lucy’ spacecraft to study asteroids!
What’s special is that the DDMOS asteroid trajectory will change due to the DART shuttle crash. Also, NASA recently sent the space shuttle to study Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids.


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