ISIS plotting to blow up shopping malls in America, police on high alert after intelligence inputs


  • US intelligence warns of ISIS attack in Virginia
  • Security increased in shopping malls and crowded places in all cities including Washington
  • Armored police vehicles patrolling the streets of America

The dreaded terrorist group ISIS is plotting to terrorize America’s soil. After receiving intelligence inputs, the police administration in America has been put on high alert. US law enforcement agencies have warned that this international terrorist group could attack any mall or shopping center in the state of North Virginia.

Police bid – taking action on input
Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis said Thursday we received information about potential public safety impacts on malls and shopping centers throughout the area. Davis did not mention what kind of warnings he received from ISIS. “We are taking action on the information we have,” he said.

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The threat of ISIS attack in America
According to the report of CBS News, the threat of attack in America has come from ISIS terrorists. Based on this, the security system is being reviewed. Armored police vehicles have been seen patrolling the area around Fair Oaks Mall, located 30 kilometers from Washington DC. Police Chief Kevin Davis said that sometimes the information we get is not very specific, but we still have to respond to it.

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Security beefed up in crowded places
He said that we have beefed up security on major roads, transit hubs, shopping plazas and shopping malls. Apart from this, several teams of police are patrolling round the clock throughout the county. He said that it is our responsibility to maintain presence among the people, be more aware and protect the people. These people are our eyes and ears for reporting any suspicious activities.

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Police keeping an eye on every corner
He said that this police presence will be in every crowded place even after the end of Halloween Week. There is also a governor’s election in Virginia. In such a situation, it is very important to maintain the presence of the police there as well. Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe is pitted against Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin in this election. Voting is proposed to be held here next week.

US Police 011

US on high alert on input of terror threat


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