12,000 employees of the US Air Force did not get the vaccine, now preparing to be fired


  • Preparations to lay off 12000 employees of the US Air Force
  • These employees have not yet got the Kovid vaccine, which has become mandatory
  • The US Defense Ministry made vaccination mandatory in August

Preparations are underway to lay off 12,000 employees and officers of the US Air Force. These people have not yet taken a single dose despite the Kovid vaccine becoming mandatory two months ago. In August, the US Department of Defense, the Pentagon, announced that Kovid vaccination is mandatory for 1.3 million military personnel on active duty. The department had also said that action would be taken against the employees who did not do so.

12,000 employees of the Air Force did not get the vaccine
According to the Washington Post report, more than 12,000 US Air Force personnel have refused to get the corona vaccine. In early October, about 60,000 members of the US Air Force were unprepared for vaccination. Meanwhile, 97 percent of all US soldiers have received at least one shot so far, and 87 percent have been fully vaccinated, according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

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Till now 94 percent of the employees got the vaccine
As of September, 94 percent of US Air Force people had been vaccinated, but that has slowed significantly in recent weeks. Kirby said the number of employees appealing to avoid vaccination on religious grounds is small. They are also being encouraged to take vaccine doses.

Those who do not get the dose of the Kovid vaccine within the prescribed time limit, they can also be dismissed or charged according to the military justice system. However, the exact punishment has not yet been announced.

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Announcement of US Defense Minister – get the vaccine before November 2
On August 25, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered the army chiefs to have at least one dose of the corona vaccine for all military personnel before November 2. Members of the National Guard and Reserve members have been directed to submit the vaccination certificate by December 2. This has been exempted only for those who are nearing retirement and have gone on leave.


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