Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case: From Sheezan’s secret girlfriend to forcing Tunisha to wear hijab, Falak Naaz answers all the allegations

Tunisha Sharma Death Case: TV serial ‘Ali Baba-Dastaan ​​E Kabul’ (Ali Baba Dastaan ​​E Kabul) fame actress Tunisha Sharma (Tunisha Sharma) suicide case is getting new revelations. On Monday, January 2, a press conference was held on behalf of the family and lawyer of the accused actor Sheezan Mohammed Khan in the Tunisha Sharma suicide case. During this, Sheezan Khan’s sister and famous TV actress Falaq Naaz and Shafaq have made many revelations. Along with this, Falak has also rejected the allegation of Tunisha Sharma’s mother, in which she asked to wear hijab and teach Urdu. 

All the allegations of Tunisha Sharma’s mother are baseless

In a press conference held on behalf of Sheejan Khan’s family, Falak Naaz while talking to the media has told that- all the allegations made by Tunisha Sharma’s mother Vanita Sharma on our family and my brother Sheejan Khan are all false and false. are baseless. They have made many allegations against us for wearing hijab and teaching Urdu. To that I say that religion is a matter of personal belief. For this we cannot force anyone to be ready for this.

When we ourselves don’t keep the customs and rituals of our religion in front of everyone, then why would we include Tunisha in it. We do not share any post in this matter on social media. I have considered Tunisha like my younger sister. We had never forced him to do any work with him. She was like a family member for us. My brother Sheejan is innocent. Along with this, Falak Naaz has told that his brother does not have any secret girlfriend, that girl was called only to record her statement.

Tunisha Sharma death case | The picture of Tunisha in hijab being circulated is from the set of the show which was part of the shoot. It can be seen. We never made her wear hijab, it was from the channel: Sheezan’s sister & Co-actor Shafaq Naaz pic.twitter.com/mDmBH55d4N

— ANI (@ANI) January 2, 2023

Tunisha Sharma death case | Sheezan didn’t have any other girlfriend. That girl was called for recording her statement. There’s no secret girlfriend: Sheezan’s sister & Co-actor Falaq Naaz pic.twitter.com/JNH4SQuNAA

— ANI (@ANI) January 2, 2023

The truth of the viral photo also came to the fore 

Actually, there is a picture on Tunisha Sharma’s official Instagram handle, in which Tunisha is wearing hijab and Sheezan Khan (Sheezan Mohammed Khan) is seen worshiping with her. After the statement of Tunisha Sharma’s mother about hijab, there has been a lot of ruckus on social media regarding this photo. On this matter, Shafaq Naaz, the second sister of Sheejan Khan, has told – this photo was taken during the set of the TV serial ‘Ali Baba-Ali Baba-Dastan e Kabul’ of both of them (Tunisha-Sheejan), in which she Wearing the costume of the show.

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