Urfi Javed Reaction On Chitra Wagh: ‘Either I will kill myself or else…’, Urfi Javed vented her anger on social media after confronting politicians

Urfi Javed Reaction On Chitra Wagh: The dispute between actress Urfi Javed and BJP leader Chitra Wagh is not taking the name of stopping. On the occasion of New Year, Chitra Wagh lodged a police complaint against Urfi Javed for her bold looks. After this Urfi posted Chitra Wagh’s photo and wrote in the caption that she is proud of herself. Now Urfi Javed has once again given his reaction in this matter. 

‘I kill myself or else…’
Urfi Javed has written a note on Insta Story, in which she wrote, ‘I know that uploading such content against politicians It is very dangerous, but because of these people, I am thinking of committing suicide. So either I kill myself or speak my mind and get killed by them, but I didn’t start it, I never did anything wrong to anyone. They are after me for no reason.

Urfi Javed took a jibe at Chitra Wagh
Urfi Javed while sharing another story took a jibe at BJP leader Chitra Wagh. Along with this, she said that if she joins the BJP party, then no one will have any problem with her. Urfi Javed wrote, ‘This is the same woman who was shouting for Sanjay Rathore’s arrest when she was in NCP. After this, her husband was caught taking bribe, so she joined BJP to save her husband. After this Sanjay and Chitra became very good friends. I am also about to join BJP. Then we will be good friends.’

Urfi said this after registering a complaint
When Chitra Wagh filed a complaint against Urfi Javed, the actress wrote in a note, ‘I don’t want to do trial etc. If you and your family members disclose your assets, I am ready to go to jail right now. Tell the world how much money a politician earns and from where. From time to time men of your party are accused of rape and molestation, you have never done anything for those women, Mrs. Chitra Wagh.’

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