Sheezan Khan got bail in Tunisha suicide case, reaction of sister Falak Naaz, wrote this special thing for brother

Falaq Naazz On Sheezan Khan Bail: TV actor Sheezan Khan has got bail after three months. In December 2022, Sheejan was arrested in the 21-year-old actress Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case. On the release of brother, sister and actress Falaq Naaz has reacted on social media. Let us tell you what the actress has said.

Sister’s reaction on Sheejan’s bail

Sheezan Khan’s sister Falak Naaz also plays ‘Ali Baba’ I was working in He had a deep bond with Tunisha. On the other hand, after Sheejan went to jail, Falak’s health deteriorated considerably. He was also admitted to the hospital. However, now he is very happy on his brother’s bail. Falak Naaz has given a reaction on Sheejan’s bail on Instagram story. Thanking Allah in the story, he wrote, “Alhamdulillah.”

Sheejan Khan got bail on 4 March 2023 from a Mumbai court. Sheejan was granted bail on a bond of one lakh rupees. His bail plea was rejected for a long time.

These allegations against Sheejan

On 24 December 2022, Tunisha Sharma ‘Ali Baba’ Had given his life by hanging himself on the set. Sheejan was considered the main accused in the Tunisha Sharma suicide case. He was accused of abetment to suicide, cheating, and many other charges. He was in a relationship with Tunisha Sharma. Sheejan had a breakup with Tunisha 15 days before the suicide. Because of this, she was being told to be in a lot of depression. The actress’s mother also accused Sheejan of slapping Tunisha.

Let us tell you that, Sheezan Khan and Tunisha Sharma ‘Ali Baba’ K were the lead stars. After Tunisha’s demise and Sheejan going to jail, Abhishek Nigam and Manul Chowdasama are now appearing in her place in the show.

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