Nizamabad: Kavitha nomination as MLC candidate for a while .. Congress, BJP are far from contesting, the reason is ..

It has been revealed that the daughter of Telangana CM KCR will remain in state politics for the entire poem. CM KCR decided to allot the MLC seat of Nizamabad local bodies to her. Her nomination will be announced on Tuesday at 1.30 pm. Will be filed. Kavitha’s current legislature membership is coming to an end soon. Recently, Rajya Sabha member Banda Prakash was nominated as MLA Kota MLC candidate by CM KCR. With the finalization .. speculations have surfaced that the poem will be sent in his place. Accordingly, Nizamabad & zwnj; Sitting in place & zwnj; The elegant name of the Emelsie leaves is heard. But, TRS & zwnj; S & zwnj; Nizamabad & zwnj; The BJP has decided not to contest the local body MLC elections across the state, while the Congress & zwnj; But it hopes to compete in some places and stay away in others. Congress in Nizamabad Even if there is a competition .. the success of the poem is going to be very easy as TRS has a huge majority in terms of members. It seems that the Congress and the BJP have come to the view that when the force is not even in the throes of a test, it is inevitably going to be more competitive and weaker. The Nizamabad Joint District gave the go-ahead to Kavita. On the 23rd, Poetry Minister Wemula Prashant Reddy will file his nomination along with the MLAs. . Of these, 44 are for the Congress and 54 for the BJP. These two did not get even a hundred votes. The remaining 720 baht is for TRS. At least they did not join the competition. With this the two national parties decided to stay away from the competition. Do party leaders who are with Doha to compete and give seats to TRS body leaders in the world need to save for them instead of jumping? Seems to be thinking.

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