MLC Kavitha: Poetry consensus as MLC .. Do you know what this hero fan did? Congratulations on the gallon at once

It is learned that the poem of former MP Kalwakuntla Kavitha was unanimously elected as the MLC of Nizamabad Local Bodies. On this occasion, a fan greeted the poem in an innovative way. Pabba Sai Prasad, a TRS leader from Nizamabad, paraglides at Kondapochamma Reservoir and greets him with huge flexi. Locals were intrigued to see this huge flexi sky 40 feet long.

On the other hand, TRS & zwnj; Kalvakunta Kavitha was unanimously elected from. It is learned that the election of Kavitha was unanimous as the independent candidate Srinivas’ nomination was rejected. However, Nizamabad & zwnj; Two candidates are in the fray for the local body elections. TR & zwnj; S & zwnj; Sitting on behalf of & zwnj; MLC Kavitha, Telangana Panchayati Raj & zwnj; Chamber & zwnj; Armor & zwnj; Constituency McClure & zwnj; Zone Amrad & zwnj; Kotagiri Srinivas & zwnj; Nomination as an independent candidate & zwnj; Filed. The main parties are BJP, Congress & zwnj; Stayed away from the competition. However, the election of Kavitha was unanimous due to allegations of forgery against an independent candidate.

Will there be a ministerial post?
There is speculation that Kalvakuntla’s poem will definitely have a ministerial post. Will remain in office for another year as Emelsie anyway. Party factions feel that the rose leaders are thinking of continuing if the TRS government comes again if they are taken into the cabinet now. There is a department in the cabinet that has a vacancy in the health department so it is expected that it will be given to her. In addition, there is an argument that KCR will purge the cabinet before the elections.

On the other hand, opposition criticisms of KCR are often about family rule. They are criticized for giving political jobs to those who are and neglecting the unemployed. These criticisms are likely to escalate further if poetry is also made a minister in this order. Does poetry get a ministerial post under these circumstances? Or not? Is interested in.

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