Nizamabad: A rare sculpture in Nizamabad district

A sculpture of Vishwakarma, the deity of the Vishwa Brahmins, was unveiled at Kurnapally, Edapally Mandal, Nizamabad District. The statue was found under a tree on the premises of the village Shiva temple by historian Boggula Shankar Reddy, a member of the executive committee of the Public Research Institute for History Archeology and Heritage. Priha vice-president and legislative researcher Suryakumar opined that the statue dates back to the Chanakya Kakatiyas, according to its style. The presence of the mammai deity at the Vishwakarma idol is said to be the specialty in the sculpture. Vishwakarma said that this is the first time that Mammai is in the same sculpture, even though there are temples of Goddess Mammai in places like Peddapalli and Ibrahimpatnam in Telangana.

Shankar Reddy said that it is about two feet long and two feet wide. Dr. Pedambadur Jaikishan, President, Priha, said that the reason for the availability of the idol of Vishwakarma, the deity of the Visva-Brahmins who excelled in metal and architecture, was found in the Nizamabad district for thousands of years. The first Vishwakarma sculpture was brought to light by Dr. Hindola of Mupparam, Warangal district in 2019.

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