Shaakuntalam – Samantha Dil Raju’s daughter thinks: Gunasekhar

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Director Gunasekhar said that ‘Shaakuntalam’ is the most expensive female-oriented film ever made. Addressing producer Dil Raju, Gunasekhar said that no producer has invested so much in such a film. ‘There is a lot of interest in this film even in the North. Many unknown people think that Samantha is Dil Raju’s daughter. Because Dil Raju invested so much. Gunasekhar revealed that they had doubts about how much they had invested.

Gunasekhar’s daughter Neelima Guna is the producer of the movie ‘Shakunthalam’. Dil Raju is the presenter of this movie. Moreover, it was he who gave full financial support to it. The film was first shot in 2D and then it was planned to convert it to 3D. It took six months. Dil Raju says that the cost has increased tremendously during this time. However, the 3D trailer launch event was held at Prasad IMAX in Hyderabad yesterday. Dil Raju, Gunasekhar, Neelima Guna, Saimadhav Burra and others spoke to the media on this occasion.

‘He took a mythology called Ramayanam with Jr. NTR. Again, Sakunthalam has been taken for a long time. Gunasekhar gave a very detailed answer to a journalist’s question about how that experience has been useful for this film now.

Dil Raju, Gunasekhar, Neelima Guna at the press meet

Introducing Junior NTR, it has been 25 years since he played Ramayana in Ramayana. Then we shot most of the in-camera effects with a Mitchell camera. The last film in which Mitchell used the camera was Ramayana. At that time computer graphics was not much in India. We relied on some CG from someone in Bombay. Technically, a lot has changed in these 25 years. What many people don’t know is that there is a lot of CG work in the movie ‘Okkadu’. It’s just a visual enhancement. We put such a big Charminar on the ground. All the streets below have been created in CG. With the support of someone like Mahesh Babu, I was able to pull it off.

As the technology increases, so does the budget. Not only did the director believe in that technology, but producers like MS Raju, MS Reddy, Suresh Babu, Dil Raju also believed in it, so today we are able to make films like RRR and Sakunthalam. It is the costliest film among female oriented films. No one has ever invested so much. Everyone was surprised. A lot of people in the know are showing more interest in this movie even in the North, where people who don’t know think Samantha is Dil Raju’s Data. Because they have invested so much. Can a mythology film be made with so many crores.. He said Pichoda.

Even the makers should believe that we are able to cope with the budget as well as the current technology. We are able to give this technique as expected because there are producers who believe in it. Gunasekhar Sudhirgha replied that this time we are giving exactly what we believe. However, when Samantha thinks that she is Dil Raju’s daughter, the entire audience in the theater screamed at once. Dil Raju also laughed. Meanwhile, the movie ‘Sakunthalam’ is hitting the screens on April 14 as a summer gift.

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