Nithya Menen: Nithya Menon raises expectations on Bhimla!

It is a known fact that Nithya Minan, who is known as a talented actress in the Tollywood industry, did not get much offers in Star Heroes movies. Nithya Minan, who played the second heroine role in Sannaf Satyamoorthy and Janata Garage movies, got a chance in a huge project after many years. Nithya Minan is playing the main heroine role in the movie Bhimla Nayak. Nithya Minan talks about Bhimla Nayak movie and says that he called Trivikram and asked him to do a role that he is doing with Pawan.

Nithya said that Trivikram had told Pawan that Lady Pawan was coming and that Trivikram had convinced her that the combination of the two would be good. Nithya Minan said that Pawan is mostly silent to speak. Nithya Minan said that Bhimla Nayak felt like a lady power star in the shooting. Nithya Minan said that Bhimla Nayak will have a role in the film that suits my nature. With the exception of one song, Nithya Minan said that his role in Bhimla Nayak is done shooting.

Nithya Minan said that acting in Bhimla Nayak was a good experience. Nithya Minan commented that there is a slight gap in Telugu. Nithyaminan says he is starring in a web series for Amazon Prime. Nithya Minan said that he thinks Skylab is a sequel to this movie that makes it feel good. Nithya Minan made comments to increase expectations on Bhimla Nayak.

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