Naga Chaitanya: Naga Chaitanya Love Affair .. Chettapattal with Star Hero’s Daughter! What happened before Samantha got married ..? – naga chaitanya love affair with star heroine before marriage

Adendo .. Some of the things that come in the media are surprising. Are they real? Or gossip is something that can be debated in public. Fresh Akkineni heir, young hero Naga Chaitanya People want to hear about such news coming out. It has been reported in the media that Naga Chaitanya has another love affair before marrying Samantha.

This has become a hot topic among the masses right now. After announcing the recent divorce of Samantha and Naga Chaitanya, every news related to the couple is becoming an issue among the masses. In this context pre-wedding Naga Chaitanya Love Affair Is what caught everyone’s attention. According to media reports, Kamal Haasan’s daughter fell in love with star heroine Shruti Haasan before marrying Samantha.

Naga Chaitanya, who is deeply in love with Shruti Haasan, has also decided to date and marry her, but it is not known what happened but their love affair has not gone up, according to media reports. This issue went viral. Talk that there was a serious relationship between Shruti and Naga Chaitanya in the year 2017. The two acted together in the movie ‘Premam’. The movie was released in 2018.
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Married to Samantha in the same 2017 year. Even though Chai-sam had been in love for a few years before over. So .. how true Shruti-Naga Chaitanya Love is now has become a point of discussion among the people.

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