Massively reduced crude prices .. and petrol and diesel rates?

Domestic fuel prices remain unchanged today. The price of petrol has remained stable. The diesel rate also remained stable. With this, it can be said that petrol and diesel rates in Telugu states have remained stable for more than three weeks. Petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged in Hyderabad on Friday. Petrol price is stable. Petrol price remains at Rs 108.20 per liter. The diesel rate also ran in a similar vein. Diesel price remains stable at Rs 94.62 per liter.

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On the other hand, petrol prices in Andhra Pradesh, Guntur and Amravati followed a similar path. Petrol rate remains stable at Rs 110.67 per liter. No change. There is also no change in the diesel rate. With this, the diesel price is still at Rs 96.08. On the other hand, crude oil prices fell in the international market. Brent crude fell 2.61 percent per barrel. This brought the Brent price down to $ 80.06. The price of WTI crude oil has followed a similar path. Decreased by 3.23%. This brought the rate down to $ 75.85.


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