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  • Kamal joins hands with two star heroes
  • Who is the director of the film ‘Three Stars’?

Universal star Kamil Haasan is getting closer to seven tenths. Nowhere is agility declining. They are balancing politics on the one hand and movies on the other, Big Boss. It is learned that Vikram is currently making a film under the direction of Lokesh Kanakaraj. After this, the stalled Indian 2 film is in the process of being completed. Apart from this, Kamil wants to start another film. Kollywood sources say that it is also going to do the same under the banner of its own production company Ram Kamal Films International. That’s what Kamil Haasan planned heavily, not like a short film. There are rumors that it is going to be done in the Pan India range.

Camille is going to do a multistarrer with two star heroes who are familiar to both southern and northern audiences. So many other star heroes .. one is Remo Chiyan Vikram and the other is Michael Selvan Vijay Sethupathi. The two also have a good craze in the North. It is reported that Kamil Haasan is also going to perform with the two. In the movie, Kamal, Vikram and Vijay Sethupathi are seen beating each other. Balancing these three and moving the film forward is no small matter. It has become a universal interest among the audience and fans as to which director will handle these three stars. It is learned that Kamal Haasan had earlier produced a film titled Mr. KK with Vikram as the hero. Also, Vijay Sethupathi is currently co-starring with Kamal Haasan in Vikram.

Kamil Haasan is currently in the process of completing his Vikram movie. When it is done, he will join hands with Shankar to focus on Indian 2. Leica Productions has already finalized discussions with Kamil Haasan and Shankar to complete the Indian 2 movie. However, Shankar is currently busy with the movie Charan. Upon completion of the film, the Indian devotes his time to the film.

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