Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant met Ritesh on WhatsApp, ‘Jija ji’ narrated the love story

Whenever (Rakhi Sawant) comes to Bigg Boss house, there is a discussion of her husband (). After all () Rakhi Sawant with her husband Riteish has come as a wild card entry and the world saw Rakhi Sawant and Riteish together. At the same time, Ritesh has narrated his love story with Rakhi Sawant to the family members. Ritesh enters the Bigg Boss house hiding his face in the fog. After this, Rakhi Sawant takes off the aarti plate like a new bride and touches her feet. Taking off the aarti, Rakhi Sawant tells Ritesh, ‘You are welcome. The police of 12 countries and the people of the whole country were waiting for you. Everyone laughs on hearing this. The housemates are overjoyed to see Rakhi Sawant and Ritesh and Rakhi Sawant starts entertaining as soon as she arrives. After this, the housemates ask Ritesh about his love story with Rakhi Sawant. On this, Ritesh says, ‘I met Rakhi on WhatsApp. I saw him but he didn’t see me. Rakhi had proposed for marriage. Ritesh further said, ‘My PA gave me Rakhi’s number. I was about to do an event. One day I was very upset so I was looking at the mobile numbers and then messaged Rakhi. After this Rakhi blocked me. One day Rakhi was upset so she messaged me. Rakhi said in the message that she is upset if she breaks up. I said see a good boy and get married. Rakhi Sawant said, ‘Riteish liked my interview very much.’ Riteish talks to his wife Rakhi Sawant privately about how good the atmosphere of the house is. On this Rakhi Sawant says that it seems that you are new now. Those who are giving you tea today will make you drink poison tomorrow. Those who say brother-in-law will change in no time. Ritesh and Rakhi Sawant are very happy talking about the family members. Rakhi Sawant, the all-new member of the Bigg Boss house informs Riteish, Rashmi Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee about the VIP zone rules. After this all the members go to the VIP zone. At the same time, the rest of the family members harass him. Then all the members of the house take care of Rakhi Sawant and Ritesh’s honeymoon and decorate their beds. Let us inform that Rashmi Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee also come as wild card entries with Rakhi Sawant. Bigg Boss informs that the members with wild card entry will stay in the VIP zone. In this way Rakhi Sawant, Ritesh, Rashmi Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee will get VIP zone facilities. Significantly, a day earlier, Vishal Kotian, Neha Bhasin and Jai Bhanushali were evicted from the house.

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