My father did not show my baby! Meghna Raj says she is in conflict with all the gods! When he took his son in his arms, he burst into tears

Chiranjeevi Sarja passed away while waiting for her baby. Chiru’s demise caused a great deal of pain to the entire South Indian film industry. Meghna Raj and Chiranjeevi Sarja got married after 10 years of friendship. Their marriage was celebrated by the entire film industry. Chiru’s demise has saddened the fans as well. Everyone asked Meghna how she could survive this situation. Meghna was led by the belief that her husband would be reborn through the baby. During the ceremony, Meghna would post a photo of Chiru smiling. When she was admitted to the hospital for delivery, there was a photo of Chiru near Meghna. Chiru had said that she was going to have a son. The baby boy was born just as Chiru wanted. Ryan’s arrival is said to be in response to his grief. During the interview, Meghna became vocal about the baby. I quarreled with all the gods, and no god helped me. Meghna asked why the baby had lost his chance to see his father. Chiru died at the age of 8 months. All the messages from the fans were that Chiru would be born again. Meghna says she told the doctor that when she bought the baby after delivery, she would not say no to the boy. After some time of suspense, the doctor said he was a baby boy. Meghna says she burst into tears when she first picked up her son. Fans described the baby as Junior Chiru. After the arrival of Kunjathithi, Meghna Raj took a break from acting. The actor had made it clear that he would be back soon. The announcement of the new film came on Chiru’s birthday. The film was directed by Chiru’s best friend. Everyone said that this was something that Chiru wanted very much.

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