bigg boss tamil 5: Bigg Boss: Bigg Boss is changing the host … not just Shruti Haasan .. does anyone else know? – ramya krishna will host bigg boss tamil 5


  • Bigbass host change
  • Senior actress to replace Kamal Haasan
  • Kamal is not harmonizing in place

Changing the host of the reality show BigBoss? That is, there is no doubt about it. Isn’t Nagarjuna Akkineni coming to Bigg Boss House in the coming weeks? Doubt arises as to what. However, what we are talking about here is not about the Telugu Big Boss .. it is about the Tamil Big Boss. It is known that Tamil Bigg Boss is hosting Kamal Haasan. However, he was infected with corona. This puts him in a situation where he can no longer host Big Boss. With this, the organizers are making a plan and bringing a heroine into the field. That’s it! As you say, she’s the daughter of Kamil Haasan, the heroine Shruti Haasan! Say that. But if you think so, you’re wrong. According to sources close to Kollywood, Shruti Haasan is not hosting Tamil Bigg Boss. Senior heroine Ramyakrishna says that there is a possibility of hosting in Tamil.


How does Ramyakrishna hosting, does it impress the audience? I do not want to be suspected. Do you know why? Bigbass hosting is nothing new to Sivagami. Really! Even though the Tamil Thambis did not know about this, the Telugu audience knew. Do you know why? Telugu Bigg Boss Season 4 was hosted by Ramyakrishna Allready Osari. Ramyakrishna hosted the show while Nagarjuna was not in Hyderabad for the Wild Dog shooting. Osari Samantha also hosted Bigg Boss in Telugu. Ramyakrishna, who ran Bigg Boss successfully in Telugu, made a lot of films in Tamil and impressed the audience. The organizers wanted to run Tamil Bigg Boss with her until Kamil Haasan came along as they were familiar with them. The talk sounds like Ramyakrishna also said OK to it.

In Telugu, however, NTR has been hosting the first season and the second season while Nani has been hosting Nagarjuna since the third season. But not so in Tamil .. Kamal Haasan has been acting as the host since the first season. However, due to his accidental corona infection, the management no longer had to hire another host. It will take a few days to know that Mari Ramyakrishna will be hosting the Tamil Bigg Boss show for many days.

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