Wasim Zafar points out error in Shubman Gill batting .. What if he goes deep?


  • Shubhman Gill half century in Kanpur Test
  • Bowled in Jamieshan bowling after half a century
  • Gill, who had been playing deep in the crease until then
  • Wasim Zafar points out Gill’s batting weakness

TeamIndia young opener Shubhman Gill made his debut in the re-entry. In the first Test against New Zealand at Kanpur on Thursday, Shubham Gill scored 52 off 93 balls with 5×4, 1×6 off a difficult pitch. With that .. the Indian team was in a better position with 258/4 by the end of the first day’s play. Currently at the crease are Shreyas Iyer (75 off 7×4, 2×6 off 136 balls) and Ravindra Jadeja (50 off 6×4 off 100 balls).

Shubham Gill, who dominated the New Zealand bowlers from the start, was bowled exceptionally after half a century. Gill, who targeted spinner Ajaz Patel, went deep into the crease and was often seen playing cut shots. Fast bowler Kyle Jamieshan also bowled deeply at the crease and tried to play Shubham. But .. the ball that touched the bat edge went straight back and flew the wickets. Earlier, Gill was found LBW in front of the wickets. But he survived because the New Zealand team could not seriously appeal.

Former India cricketer Wasim Jaffer said about Shubham Gill batting, “Shubham Gill is very deep at the crease and plays balls. With that .. he seems to be in danger of being ousted mostly as LBW. My guess is that he seems to be going so deep that he can effectively counter the full length balls thrown by the New Zealand bowlers. But .. only a few times his head position is going towards the ball .. and sometimes he is swinging the bat without head position properly. If the head position is not correct while playing deep in the crease .. there is a risk of getting caught in front of the wickets. So … Shubhman Gill should take care of that, ”said Wasim Zafar.


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