Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Why did Ravi target Sunny once again ..?

In the house of Bigg Boss is running the task of making your house gold. As part of this, Manas gave Sunny a power tool on the day of power access. This is where Big Boss gives challenges to the two who have the most gold balls when the first buzzer rings in the task. Those who win in that challenge will become captaincy contenders. However, here’s what we see in the promo is arguing about the Sunny t – shirt label. What is the real reason for this fight, Ravi is having a fight with Sunny in the middle. It seems clear.

Wet shirt labels have to be removed and worn in the challenges that come in the first stage. They are counting how many there are. As part of this, director Ravi Sunny rejected the t-shirt with a label. Sunny argues that it has no label. Ravi argued that Vesukunnav had Ravi labels. Since Sanchalak is the final decision in the task at hand, it seems that there is nothing to do or Sunny is upset. Kajal is trying to say the same thing to Sunny as cool.

The task is to remove the label and put on a t-shirt. And the argument between Sunny and Ravi proves once again the war between the two of them. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Another matter is that three have been selected as captaincy contenders. Among them Pinky won in the balloon task. Then won in the Siri Challenges. Animaster is also reported to have won the Challenge and become a Captain Competitor. It remains to be seen who the fourth contestants will be.

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