Kangana Ranaut News: Maharashtra minister said on Kangana – what should be the answer to a dancer

Kangana Ranaut has once again come under the target of critics by making a controversial statement on Mahatma Gandhi. At the same time, in retaliation to his statement, he has also given a controversial statement. Minister Vijay Namdev said on Kangana’s statement regarding Mahatma Gandhi that what should be the answer of a dancer. He has directly described Kangana as a dancer. Actually, Kangana, who came into controversy due to her statement about independence, said another controversial thing. Kangana claimed that Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh did not get support from Mahatma Gandhi. Not only this, Kangana also made fun of Bapu’s ‘mantra of non-violence’ and said that by putting one more cheek forward, you get ‘begging’, not freedom.

The ongoing ruckus over the statement on independence
Recently, in the Times Now Summit, Kangana Ranaut had given a statement that the country got real freedom in 2014. Earlier, Gandhiji got freedom in a bowl by begging. He described the Congress as the next form of British rule.

people should know history
Kangana has written in another post, Gandhi never supported Bhagat Singh and Netaji. There is a lot of evidence which indicates that Gandhiji wanted Bhagat Singh to be hanged. So you have to choose who you support. Because to keep them all in the same box of your memory and remember them on their birth anniversary is not enough, to be honest, it is not foolish but irresponsible and superficial. People should know their history and their heroes.

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