Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Did Ravi deliberately target Sunny and win Siri ..?

The twists and turns in the captaincy task at Bigg Boss House have increased. Manas, who gained first power room access, gave the power tool to Sunny. Sunny with that power took half the gold pearls from Siri and gave them to Shanmuk. That’s enough. It was a valid ticket to a clash between them last time. Manas said the same thing. Siri and Sunny had to take part in the second challenge. This is where Siri becomes harder to participate in when it comes to the swimming pool task.

Ravi told Bigg Boss about his personal problem. With this, Bigg Boss told Siri that he could choose someone to replace him. With this, Siri Manas was selected on the advice of Shanmuk. The Challenge, played by Sunny vs. Manas, aroused interest not only in the House Mates but also in the audience. Swim in the swimming pool right here and come back to the starting point wearing the T-shirts on the other side. Whoever wears the most t-shirts in this task is the winner. This is where the two started the game as a rival.

Ravi, who is the director, made it a rule to wear two or three t-shirts and then wear t-shirts properly in the middle. Shanmuk next to it said they should not be reverse. Sunny burst into tears. Sunny was already wearing some t-shirts already. He argued that the label did not appear and then how to put the contents in reverse. Sanchalak deposed Ravi saying that the first Sanchalak did not say this rule and how to say it in the middle. It always happens to me. He was upset that the mood to play was also gone. Kajal also tried to explain to Sunny, but Sunny was not in the mood to listen as she lost.

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