Actress Priya: ‘Bigg Boss’ Priya in Night .. Video and photos going viral ..!

Nobody wants to understand if Mamilla Shailaja Priya says this! The same character artist Priya, ‘Bigg Boss 5’ Priya is remembered by almost everyone. Priya has been entertaining with roles like mother, aunt and aunt in movies .. She is also very famous on social media. It is no exaggeration to say that she has fans of glamor even in her current career. With the craze she got, she got the chance to be the ‘Bigg Boss’. She stayed in the house for 6 weeks.

However, after ‘Bigg Boss 5’, the craze for Priya has increased even more. Whatever she posted on her social media account is going viral. Priya shocked everyone by appearing in Nighty recently. Along with the video related to this, some other photos related to Priya are also going viral. Take a look at them yourself:

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