Vishwak Sen: Vishwak Sen satires on Bigg Boss contestants!

Tollywood young hero Vishwak Sen has earned a good craze among the youth with movies like ‘What Happened To This City’ and ‘Hit’. Now he is supporting Sunny in Bigg Boss Season 5. Not only that .. Sunny is giving them tough counters no matter what. Shanmukh Sethire said that if Sunny Eviction won the free pass in the house no one would have celebrated it. Vishwak Sen reacted to this.

“The party we’re doing,” he wrote on Instagram Stories. Vishwak also commented on the manner in which nominations were made this week. It is known that Sunny was nominated by Ravi and Sriramchandra. Sunny had an altercation with the two of them at the time. Mistakes aside in this scuffle .. Vishwak Sen, however, expressed his support for Sunny. Without stopping at all .. Ravi laid satires on Sri Ramachandra. Pointing out Sri Ramachandra’s sudden turn ..

The counter wondered if the sugar had arrived. Ravi wrote on Instagram Stories that he is over-smart sugar. Netizens are making a mistake of satirizing Ravi and Shriram to support Sunny. Vishwak Sen is being commented on in this regard with harsh words.

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