Whether you have 5G internet or 100Mbps WiFi plan, YouTube will now run very slow for such users.

Whether you have 5G internet or 100Mbps WiFi plan, YouTube will now run very slow for such users.

Google's video streaming platform YouTube is used by millions of people around the world. Google offers YouTube service in two ways. The first is free and the second is subscription based. YouTube earns money from ads running on the platform. When users see ads the company makes profit. However, some users have been using adblockers on the platform for a long time. Now the company has come into action mode against such users.

Although Google had started action against users using seedblocker last year, but now it is being spread on a large scale. If you use adblocker on YouTube, then YouTube will become very slow for you and the entire website will work slowly. Even YouTube videos will load in slow speed. The company's objective behind slowing down YouTube is to remove the adblocker or to force people to buy the company's subscription.

If you are using adblocker on YouTube, then now your YouTube traveling speed will become very slow, even if you have taken a data pack of 100 Mbps or you are connected to fast speed Wi-Fi.

Youtube is warning users in these 2 ways

To ensure that users do not use adblocker on YouTube, the company has adopted two methods. Firstly, the company is showing a pop-up message on YouTube. If you have turned on Adblocker, then the company will tell you in the message that Adblocker is against the company's rules. In this message the user is also being asked to turn off the adblocker. In another way, the company has slowed down YouTube for such users so that they stop using adblockers.

Many users on Reddit have complained about YouTube slowing down suddenly. The platform has become unresponsive for many users. However, as soon as these users turn off the adblocker from the platform, YouTube automatically starts working as fast as before.

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