Head Bath in Period Time: Why not take a head bath during menstruation? Why not go inside the temple? Scientific reasons!

Head Bath in Period Time: Why not take a head bath during menstruation?  Why not go inside the temple?  Scientific reasons!

Women Problems: Everything said in Hindu Dharma Shastras has a scientific aspect. The use of words like sin, virtue, holy and impure may seem cliché but there are definitely scientific reasons behind them. Those who do not understand those subtleties criticize them. Menstruation remains a controversial subject in many cases. Some describe it as discrimination against women. Others dismiss it as idiocy. Do you have to follow the monthly rules? don't you Is there a scientific angle behind this too? What if?

For five days every month, all women have to experience monthly trouble. Apart from that, in some families there are also rules to be regular. These often cause a lot of trouble not only to the women, but to everyone in the family. Even some progressives oppose it. But scholars say that there are scientific reasons behind the imposition of such rules on a monthly basis. Let's know about some of them.

Should not take a bath?

Science also says that you should not take a bath on the first three days of your period. This is because the thickened endometrium does not allow fertilization during menstruation. So it is necessary to leave the body in bleeding. Otherwise there will be many kinds of fertility problems. Pouring water from the head stops the bleeding in the body. Bathing for the first three days is prohibited in Hindu Dharma Shastra as complete bleeding is necessary during menstruation.

Entry of Cows is Prohibited

It is very strict not to go to temple gopurams during menstruation. . This revelation is also called sin. In the olden days, all the Kovels were also a little far from the village. The reason behind this is that if you go out to visit the temple early in the morning, wild animals will smell the blood and attack you. That's why it is forbidden to see God in the temple.

There are various things like worship of God and father's work at home. At that time the mental and physical condition of women is not ready to do such things. So they are told to stay away from religious activities. Moreover, the female body is at a low frequency during this time. Temples have a very high vibrational frequency. The difference between the two can cause ailments. So one four to five days should be spent calmly away from all such activities. Do not do divine works. But there are no objections to remembering the Divine Name.

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