When compared with Apple Vision Pro, Zuckerberg replied, said – Our product is better…

When compared with Apple Vision Pro, Zuckerberg replied, said – Our product is better…

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg once again described his Meta Quest 3 headset as better than Apple's Vision Pro. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg defended his product on an Instagram thread when Apple's premium product and Meta Quest were being compared. Praising his product, Zuckerberg said that our product is value for money and is better than Apple Vision Pro in every respect. 

Replying to an analyst post, Mark Zuckerberg wrote that our product is better than Apple Vision Pro. He said that Apple Vision Pro had to make a lot of compromises to provide higher resolution than Meta Quest.

Even before this, Mark Zuckerberg has defended his product. According to The Verge report, Zuckerberg said that weight, motion blur and its input make the Quest different from the Apple Vision.

Compared both the products

In a video, Zuckerberg showed the advanced video passthrough system of Meta Quest 3, in which Mark Zuckerberg mentioned the weight of his headset. He told that it is compatible with Apple's headset and users can use it for a long time. Its wireless design and field of view is also quite excellent.

Comparing both the products, Mark Zuckerberg had also said that Apple Vision Pro offers high resolution display, but it is a little behind in terms of comfort and mobility. 

When was Meta Quest 3 launched

Meta Quest 3 was launched in the month of October last year. Talking about the price, its price is 499 dollars i.e. 41 thousand Indian rupees. The price of Apple Vision Pro is 3 thousand 499 dollars (about 2 lakh 90 thousand rupees). In this way it is much more expensive than Meta Quest 3. The company has always described Meta Quest as the best alternative to Apple Vision Pro. 

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