Most Air Purifiers do not work in Delhi! This could be the reason, it is very important to take care of some things

New Delhi. Air purifier has become very important in today’s time. Air purifiers are used only to get clean air in homes to avoid pollution. As pollution levels in most of the North Indian cities have become alarming, this device has become extremely important. This technology is new and it is being used so much that people are making mistakes in its maintenance. If you want to avoid pollution and want to breathe fresh, then you need to know some things about air purifiers.

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Keep these things in mind:

Due to the high pollution levels in Delhi in North India, the shelf life of HEPA and carbon filters in air purifiers is significantly reduced. Air purifier filters are quite different from AC filters, as they have a shorter life. Companies recommend that they should be replaced every 12-18 months. Now there is more pollution in Delhi, so it has to be changed here already. The filter needs to be changed twice a year. Experts say that the life of a filter should not be measured in days or months but by hours. If 24 hours air purifier is used in a house. If it is used only for 8-10 hours in another house then the life of the filter becomes different. HEPA and carbon filters can hold between 1,200-2,000 in most brands. At the same time, their life increases in the summer season, because the level of pollution is less at that time.

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Double capacity air purifier should be taken according to the size of the room:

We do air purifiers not just for the life of the filter but our main objective is to get clean air. Most air purifiers are designed based on the amount of air in that area. As such an air purifier is perfect for a room. But this thing does not work in Delhi NCR, because the level of pollution is high here. None of the commonly used air purifiers are designed to help with the AQI, which goes up to 150 in Delhi. When air pollution is high, high capacity air purifier should be purchased for that. In such a situation, for a room of 200 square feet, such an air purifier is needed that claims to clean the air at least twice from that area. Pollution levels in most of the North Indian cities increase significantly during winters.


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