New AI feature in Truecaller, know its benefits and how to use it

New AI feature in Truecaller, know its benefits and how to use it

Truecaller: Nowadays, AI technology is discussed a lot everywhere. Every company related to technology is using AI features in its products. Now TrueCall has also added its name to this list. Truecaller has also included an AI feature in its app, which will relieve users from the problem of spam calls. Let us tell you about the AI ​​feature of Truecaller.

AI feature in Truecaller

Actually, Truecaller has launched a new Max Protection Level feature for its premium users which blocks all calls from unapproved contacts using Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI technology. 

Even if the person calling the user is not in Truecaller's database, this app will still block his call and users will be able to get rid of the problem of spam calls. Let us tell you that Truecaller currently has a basic protection level feature for common users, in which only those spam calls whose numbers are in Truecaller's database are blocked. Let us tell you how to use this max protection level of Truecaller.

How to use Truecaller Max Protection?

  • The new feature update of Truecaller will be available in update v13.58 or later. Before using this feature, you will have to update your Truecaller app.
  • Now open the Truecaller app and click on the three dots icon present at the top right corner.
  • Now Go to the Settings option and click on the Block option.
  • Now select the option of new protection level with MAX level.
  • Now to use this feature, the screen Subscribe to the upcoming plan.

Users will be able to use this feature only after purchasing Truecaller's subscription plan because the company has rolled out this feature only for premium users. However, keep in mind that Truecaller's new protection level is only available for Android users. This is because Apple does not allow caller ID services like TrueCaller to block spammers and spam states. 

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