Want to see your Instagram story without your friends knowing? so here’s the way

The use of social media apps has increased rapidly since the advent of the Internet. Today you will definitely see some common social media apps in every person’s phone. These include instant messaging app WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc. There are currently more than 1 billion active users on Instagram. People are able to share their photos, videos, reels etc. on Instagram. On this app, people also share their daily activity in the form of story or status. Be it a text quote or a lunch date with someone, people share their pictures or videos on Instagram Story. Whenever you see someone’s story, then the person in front gets to know that how many people have seen their story. But today know how you can secretly see others’ Instagram story without them knowing. Yes, it is possible and for this you do not have to work hard.

Actually, as soon as a person shares a story on Instagram, a circle appears around his photo. When other people view their story, they will see your name in the ‘Viewed By’ list. That is, the person posting it gets to know who has seen the story. But if you don’t want the person in front of you to know you’ve seen their story, try these methods. 

Airplane Mode

The simplest way is airplane mode.

– First of all open your Instagram and let the story or feed load. As soon as it loads well, then put the mobile phone in airplane mode and wait for about 5 seconds.
– Then open Instagram again and tap on the person whose story you want to see. By doing this, the story will be open and your name will not be visible to the other person in the viewers list. 

Additional account 

If you If you want to see the story of such a person whose account is open but do not want him to see your name or profile in the viewers list, then you can do this through an additional account. Instagram allows people to create more than one account. With this, you can see the other person’s story without knowing it.

Apart from this, there are many third party apps or websites which provide you this facility. But doing so can disturb your privacy. So try to stay away from third party apps and websites which are not safe and secure.

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