MWC 2024: Lenovo introduced the world's first laptop with transparent display and keyboard

MWC 2024: Lenovo introduced the world's first laptop with transparent display and keyboard

Transparent Display Laptop:Today i.e. on 26th February, the biggest event of the tech world, Mobile World Congress 2024 has started. This year this event is being organized in Barcelona, ​​Spain. In this event, companies from all over the world are presenting their innovative products with modern technology. In this sequence, American company Lenovo has introduced a laptop with transparent display and transparent keyboard. Let us tell you about this special laptop.

Lenovo's new laptop

The name of this unique laptop of Lenovo is Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display. In this, the company has given a 17.3 inch bezel-less screen, which uses a micro-LED screen with 720p resolution. It also has a transparent keyboard, which has a floating footpad design.

Apart from a transparent display and keyboard, Lenovo has also included Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) in this laptop, in which users can also interact with real-world objects. However, Lenovo has just presented a concept of its transparent laptop and users will have to wait for a while to buy it.

There is a camera present on the chassis of this laptop, which uses AI to recognize the image and displays a digital version of the same on the laptop. Talking about the software available on this Lenovo laptop, according to the company, it runs only on the latest OS Windows 11 available in today's modern laptops. The company has not given any information about the hardware of this laptop.

Special features of this laptop

However, the special thing about this laptop is its display, which is transparent. Even the keyboard of this laptop is transparent, which projects laser keys when needed. The keyboard of this laptop also acts as a sketchpad with a stylish support. This means that when you type anything on this laptop, you will not feel the physical touch of any button. Users will get a flat surface to type in this laptop. Therefore, it will work as a touch display.

Lenovo has confirmed that the display panel on the ThinkBook Transparent Display is made of MicroLED technology, which comes with a maximum brightness of up to 1000 nits. Because of this, users can use this laptop in indoor as well as outdoor conditions with strong sunlight.

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