Reliance Foundation Vantara: Reliance Foundation gave the gift of Vantara to the country, Anant Ambani said – it will become a support for animals.

Reliance Foundation Vantara: Reliance Foundation gave the gift of Vantara to the country, Anant Ambani said – it will become a support for animals.

Anant Ambani: Reliance Industries and Reliance Foundation launched the Vantara Program on Monday. Vantara Program (Star of the Forest) is an initiative of Anant Ambani. It has been started for the rescue, care, rehabilitation and treatment of animals. Vantara program is working not only in India but in many countries of the world. It has been built in a 3000-acre green belt located in Reliance's refinery complex in Jamnagar. In this green belt, a forest-like environment is being provided to these animals so that they can feel like home. 

Healthcare, hospital, research and academic center built 

Anant Ambani, director on the board of Reliance Industries and Reliance Foundation, said that under the Vantara programme, we have opened a world class healthcare, hospital, research and academic center for animals. Under this program, hands have also been joined with international universities and institutions. Anant Ambani said that by promoting renewable energy in Jamnagar Complex, Reliance aims to achieve its objective of becoming a net carbon zero company by 2035. Under the Vantara program, more than 200 elephants, animals, birds and reptiles have been saved in the last few years. Now, under the programme, efforts are also being made to save rhinos, leopards and crocodiles. Vanatara has also carried out rescue missions in Mexico and Venezuela. 

Anant Ambani said, made childhood passion a mission  

Anant Ambani said that this was my childhood passion and now it has become a mission. We will try our best to save animals that have reached dangerous situations. Under the Vantara programme, we want to provide them a good place to live. We are happy that many wildlife and medical experts from across the world including India have joined this program. We also want to join hands with Zoo Authority of India. Anant Ambani equated service to life as service to God and humanity. In the Vantara program, the importance of wildlife conservation will be explained by joining hands with educational institutions. Today Vantara has 200 elephants, 300 leopards, tigers, lions and jaguars. There are also 300 deer and more than 1200 crocodiles, snakes and turtles.

Vantara is working with these domestic and foreign organizations 

The Vanatara Program has launched a collaboration with the Venezuelan National Foundation of Zoos and the Smithsonian and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. In India, it has joined hands with many institutions including National Zoological Park, Assam State Zoo, Nagaland Zoological Park and Sardar Patel Zoological Park.

Elephant Centre 

Vantara spread over 3000 acres will also have a state of the art Elephant Centre. It will also have a hydrotherapy pool, water body and a Jacuzzi to treat elephants' arthritis. Here a trained staff of 500 people will take care of the elephants. It will also have a hospital of 25 thousand square feet. It will have all types of modern equipment. Surgery on elephants can also be done here. There will also be a kitchen of 14 thousand square feet in the Elephant Centre. Ayurveda will also be used in the centre. 

Rescue and Rehab Center 

There is also a Rescue & Rehabilitation Center in 650 acres under Vantara Programme. The center has rescued about 200 injured leopards. Besides, more than 1000 crocodiles have also been saved. They have been rescued from Africa, Slovakia and Mexico. Animals brought from circus and zoo will be kept in it. There are more than 2100 staff in this centre. This center also has a hospital of 1 lakh square feet and a medical research hospital. There are 7 such species which have reached the danger mark.

What is Reliance Foundation

The founder and chairman of Reliance Foundation is Nita Ambani. This organization works to promote development of rural areas, education, health, sports, disaster management, women upliftment, art and culture. Till now the organization has worked for the upliftment of 72 lakh people in 55400 villages.

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