If you use this product in desktop or laptop then be alert account may be empty

Laptop and desktop have become an important part of our life. From working in the office to studying at home, we all use them. If we want to search something on the Internet, we either use the search engine Google or use Microsoft’s software Microsoft Edge. If you also use this product of Microsoft, then be careful. Actually, the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has discovered a major bug in the Microsoft Edge browser. Through this bug, hackers can steal your personal information by breaking the security of your system. Can even clean your money.

Alert for the bug has been published by the Computer Emergency Response Team on its official website. It has been said in the alert that there is a bug in Microsoft Edge (Chromium), by taking advantage of which hackers can hack someone’s system. Let us tell you, CERT-In removes bugs or other problems in almost every app  or browser every month. The purpose of CERT-In is to secure people’s information and provide them with a safe browsing experience. According to the report, version 109.0.1518.61 of the Microsoft Edge browser is affected by the bug.

How to protect your system from being hacked

The Computer Emergency Response Team has asked people to update their Microsoft Edge immediately to avoid this bug. Microsoft has also released a new update of the browser. To update the browser, first open this app and then click on the 3 dots appearing in the top right corner. Now go to Settings, here you have to go to the option of ‘About Microsoft Edge’. By clicking on it, you will get the option of update. After updating the browser, restart it once.

Keep this in mind 

Keep updating your web browser or search engine from time to time so that there are no bugs and security related problems. If you do not update the software then the chances are high that hackers can hack your system. 

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