Fraud is happening through fake apps, how to know whether the app is real or fake? Know the easy trick here

Fraud is happening through fake apps, how to know whether the app is real or fake?  Know the easy trick here

Fake App :  A large number of users using smartphones, TV or smart devices use different types of apps. Obviously you download it from Google Play Store, Apple App Store or other platforms. But there are many fake apps on these platforms which can harm you.

If you use an Android device then obviously you download the app from Google Play Store. You can easily detect fake apps. Actually, Google has imposed many types of security checks on the Play Store so that fake apps can be detected and removed. But even after this, many times one may encounter fake apps.

  • When you search for an app in Play Store, you will find many apps with the same name. The difference between a real app and a fake app usually lies in the mistakes in spelling. Therefore, before downloading, check the correct spelling.
  • When checking the description page of an app, select “Editor’s Choice” And “Top Developer” But definitely pay attention. The chances of such an app being fake are less. You can visit the company’s website before downloading.
  • If you are downloading very popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, then keep in mind that the number of downloads will be very high. However, if an app has been downloaded 5000 or less times, then there is a high possibility that that app is fake.
  • You can also guess about the fake app by checking the screenshot of the app. You will see everything strange in the screenshot of the fake app. If you look at the rating and review of that app, you will also get an idea whether the app is fake or not.
  • You can also look at the date of publication of the app. If there is a new app from a popular company, then obviously its publishing date will be recent. But it has been observed that fake apps are mostly published recently, whereas the genuine app would have updated on written on some date.

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