Digital Detox Initiative: Gadgets are spoiling mental health, government got worried, started this campaign

Digital Detox Initiative: Gadgets are spoiling mental health, government got worried, started this campaign

Social Media Control: The whole world is worried about the ill effects of social media. From time to time, people are made aware about reducing the use of social media and electronic gadgets. Now the Karnataka government has announced to start a campaign of digital detox. Through this, people will be warned about the dangers of spending too much time in the digital world. Besides, efforts will also be made to create a healthy environment regarding gaming. In this campaign of digital detox, maximum emphasis will be given to the mental health of the youth. 

There will be maximum emphasis on gaming and social media 

Karnataka government said on Thursday that this campaign of digital detox will be started in collaboration with All India Game Developers Forum (AIGDF). In this, maximum emphasis will be given on gaming and social media. State IT Minister Priyank Kharge said that spending too much time in the digital world is causing many disadvantages. Therefore, a strong need is being felt to create a responsible environment for gaming. 

Mental health issues are increasing among youth 

Speaking during GAFX 2024, Priyank Kharge said that we want to promote responsible use of technology. Due to increasing digital use, mental health issues and problems of not understanding the importance of relationships are coming to the fore among the youth. People have become very dependent on the digital world. Technology has deeply entrenched itself in everyone's life. The habit of being connected to the screen has developed among the youth. 

Excessive use of technology

Kharge said that technology has increased the scope of facilities. People are trapped in this trap of convenience. Bad effects are emerging due to excessive use of technology. For this, the Karnataka government will promote the proper use of technology in collaboration with AIGDF and National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS).

Digital wellness will be promoted

Last year, the government had decided to provide training to students and teachers for online safety in collaboration with social media giant Meta. In this, they are also given training in responsible use of social media and better use of their free time. According to the government, online and offline digital detox centers will be opened. They will be told how to build relationships with technology. With the help of technology they will be taught to make better use of screen time. This will promote digital wellness.

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