Refex Industries: Shares rose 16 thousand percent in 10 years, made 16 lakhs from 10 thousand rupees

Refex Industries: Shares rose 16 thousand percent in 10 years, made 16 lakhs from 10 thousand rupees

Many stocks in the stock market give excellent returns and make their investors rich. The returns of some shares are not 100-200 percent, but several thousand percent. However, the path to such returns is found only for those who have patience. Investors who have a knack for finding good stocks and staying invested for the long term often achieve extraordinary returns.

Late action in recent times

The market's best multibaggers One of them is Refex Industries, which proves the rules of investing in the stock market right. If we look at the recent times, the performance of the stock is not special. On Friday, it had fallen by 0.23 percent and was at Rs 680.55. During the last five days, this stock has declined by about two and a half percent. If we look at the period from the beginning of this year till now, it has gained about eight percent.

Multibagger returns even in 1 year

In the last 6 months, the share of Refex Industries has gained 11%. It has given a little more than 100% return, but after looking at the figures of 1 year, it proves to be a multibagger. The stock has shown a rise of more than 128 percent in one year. According to 5 years, the growth of this stock becomes a tremendous 3,086 percent. By taking the data of 10 years, the share price goes up by 16 thousand percent.

This is the value of the company.

10 years ago, the price of one of its shares was only Rs 3. Was, whereas during the last one year the share has touched a high level of Rs 924. According to MCAP, the company is in small cap category. Its market value is currently only Rs 1,510 crore. The dividend yield of the company is 0.29 percent and PE ratio is 12.62.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is being given for information only. It is important to mention here that investing in the market is subject to market risks. As an investor, always consult an expert before investing money. never advises anyone to invest any money.

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