iPhone Free Service: Is this problem coming in your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro too, the company will fix it for free

iPhone Free Service: If you also have Apple’s iPhone 12 (iPhone 12) or iPhone 12 Pro (iPhone 12 Pro) and there is any problem in its sound, then now you need to take tension. Not there. Now you will be able to solve this problem absolutely for free. Actually Apple has announced to fix this problem coming in this model for free. Let us know how you can fix it for free and what was the problem in this model.

Where can I fix it

If you also feel that there is a problem with the sound of your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, then you will have to take your phone to an Apple authorized service center. There you will be asked for the phone bill. Your phone will be checked after showing the bill. If there is a problem with it, it will be fixed for free. Keep in mind here that you can get the phone repaired at the company’s authorized center anywhere in the country.

why was the problem coming

fees may apply in some cases

If you are going to the service center with a sound problem, but the phone has some other problem other than that or it is a problem due to screen damage, then you may have to pay some charge. However, in such a situation if your phone is under warranty then you can avoid the charge. You can follow these steps to check the warranty of your phone.

Check Warranty Like This

  • First find out your product serial number.
  • For this you have to go to the phone’s settings.
  • Now click on General option, then on About option Click it.
  • Now you get checkcoverage.apple.com.
  • Submit by filling the serial number and special code in the form given here.
  • Now you will get information about the warranty status of the phone

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