1 crore people saw this tweet of Elon Musk, exposed Facebook and Instagram

1 crore people saw this tweet of Elon Musk, exposed Facebook and Instagram

Twitter Traffic: Twitter, now known as X, its CTO Elon Musk has shared a post. Through this post, Elon Musk said that the organic traffic of X is more than that of Meta's Facebook and Instagram. He also told how much money Meta spends for traffic on these two platforms. According to the photo shared by Elon Musk, X's traffic on desktop in the US is 650.9 million in November while the traffic of Meta's Facebook and Instagram is 496.5 and 520.7 million. That means the organic traffic of X is more.

Apart from this, the paid traffic of X is only 1,100 while the traffic of Facebook and Instagram is 708.4k and 99.9k. That means, compared to X, both these platforms spend more money on paid traffic and only then the traffic of the company increases. According to the post, X spends only $14,300 (roughly Rs. 11,91,949) on traffic while Facebook and Instagram spend 1.1 million USD and $105.4k respectively. For those who do not know the meaning of paid traffic, in fact, social media companies buy keywords from Google through money which appear on the Google Ad page. From here the users again reach the website.


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 4, 2023

Advertisers running away from X  

Elon Musk's Company Actually, many companies no longer like to advertise on X. Recently, companies like Disney, IBM, Warner Bros. and Discovery have withdrawn their paid advertising campaigns on the platform. Commenting on the same thing, Elon Musk said at the New York Times Dealbook Summit that I do not want them to advertise, if someone is going to blackmail me with advertising money, then run away yourself. Musk had used the F word which then went viral on social media.

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