YouTube is bringing this new feature in shorts, the video experience will be even better

YouTube is bringing this new feature in shorts, the video experience will be even better

Creators are going to get new facilities on the video platform YouTube. Actually, YouTube is going to add a new feature for the short video content platform Shorts. The new feature includes many such features that Tiktok users will be able to understand immediately. According to the news of theverge, YouTube is experimenting with adding previews of live videos to user shorts feed. Viewers can click through to watch a stream and then scroll through a feed filled with other livestreams. Creator monetization features such as subscription based chatting and memberships will also be available in this feed.

Full-screen live video will be rolled out gradually

News According to , having live video in more locations on the app can help creators find new viewers with shorts (YouTube Shorts). YouTube says that full-screen live videos will be gradually released over the coming months. The company is also introducing new features for making shorts videos. It is trialling new tools for creating shortform videos from horizontal YouTube clips, including the ability to zoom and crop the actual video.

Video with another clip Ability to record

Shorts creators (YouTube Shorts Creators) will also get a new suggestions feature that pulls audio clips and effects used in the video they want to recreate . YouTube’s edition will pick up the audio from the same time stamp as the clip the user is replaying. The company is adding the ability to record a video with another clip. The feature, called Collab will include multiple layouts, and creators will be able to apply the effect to shorts and normal YouTube videos.

TikTok Tackling

This initiative of YouTube is working to compete with the shortform dominance of Tiktok. In an effort to attract more creators, YouTube recently relaxed its eligibility requirements for monetization on the platform, opening up some of the YouTube Partner Program for smaller creators.

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