WPL 2023: For the first time in T20 league, review is also being taken for wide and no ball, this time this rule will also be applicable in IPL

Wides and No Balls Review: WPL has become the first league in the world’s T20 franchise league, in which review is also being taken for wides and no balls. Earlier, the players were allowed to take review only in case of giving out and not out by the umpire. Although the total number of reviews has not been increased. That is, the number of reviews (2 DRS) per innings that were available earlier will continue to be available.

In the first two matches of WPL, review has also been seen in such cases. In the first match between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Giants, a ball bowled on the leg side of Mumbai bowler Saika Ishaq was given wide by the umpire. Here Mumbai took a review and the umpire had to change the decision as the ball had hit the batsman’s gloves.

Similarly, a similar review was taken in the second match of WPL. Delhi Capitals’ Jemima Rodriguez hit a four on a flower toss by RCB bowler Megan Schutt. Jemima thought this full toss was above the waist, she immediately took a review, however her review was not successful as ball tracking showed the ball coming down towards the stumps.

This rule will be applicable in IPL as well
The rule of taking review on wide and no ball will be applicable in IPL 2023 also. This will surely add more excitement to the exciting matches. This is because bowlers often use balls like wide length yorkers to prevent the batsman from batting fast in the last minute and on many occasions this proves to be decisive.

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