Indian doctor treats Pakistan cricketer Rizwan, says this shocking thing


  • Indian doctor treats Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Rizwan
  • The doctors were also shocked to see that Rizwan recovered quickly
  • “I want to play, I want to be with the team,” said Rizwan Doctors

Ahead of the T20 World Cup semi-finals, Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Rizwan was hospitalized with a chest infection. The Indian doctor who treated Rizwan before the match has lauded Rizwan. Despite the serious chest infection, the Indian doctors were shocked to see the spirit and courage shown by the wicketkeeper-batsman.

The doctors were also shocked to see Rizwan’s rapid recovery

Saheer Sainalabaddin, a specialist pulmonologist at Mediar Hospital in Dubai, who treated Rizwan, was shocked to see Rizwan’s rapid recovery. During treatment in ICU, Rizwan was telling doctors, “I want to play, stay with the team.” And the Pakistan opener played an explosive innings of 67 off 52 balls in the match against Australia.

There was fever, cough and chest pain for 3-5 days before being admitted to the hospital

“In a crucial match like the semi-final, Rizwan was eager to play for his country,” said Dr Saheer. He was strong and full of confidence. I was shocked that he recovered so quickly. They added that Rizwan had been suffering from fever, cough and chest pain for three to five days before being admitted to the hospital. Medicines were given by the medical team to reduce his pain immediately. Her pain at the time of hospitalization was 10/10. After which we reported it. It turned out that he had a serious throat infection, which led to esophageal spasm and bronchospasm. It is a painful contraction of the muscles inside the esophagus. Esophageal spasm can feel like a sudden and intense chest pain that lasts from a few minutes to hours.

Rizwan’s recovery seemed unlikely before the semifinals

The 29-year-old cricketer was immediately admitted to the ICU by the medical team. And his condition was constantly being monitored. “Rizwan’s infection was serious, and it seemed impossible for him to recover and recover before the semifinals,” Saheer said. It usually takes 5-7 days for anyone to recover from this condition. However, the cricketer was very confident and showed tremendous willpower. He was very focused and believed in God. He only had thoughts of the semifinals.

After two days in the ICU, Rizwan’s body responded well to the medication and showed a marked improvement, the doctor said. Rizwan was able to recover quickly due to his courage, confidence and determination. His physical fitness as a player played a very important part in his recovery. He remained in the ICU for 35 hours.

Mohammad Rizwan was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon. Pakistan team officials were in constant touch with the medical team. But this is the first time that a player has recovered so quickly from such a serious infection. When Rizwan was hitting six, we were happy. It is unprecedented to show strength in this way after illness.


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