ASAT Test: Russia shot down satellite in space, Astronaut had to take refuge to save his life


  • Russia has tested a satellite-destroying weapon in space
  • During this test, Russia has blown up one of its old Kosmos – 1408.
  • Massive debris from the explosion threatening the space station

Russia has tested a satellite destroying weapon (ASAT) in space. It is being told that during this test, Russia has blown up one of its old Kosmos – 1408. The explosion in this satellite produced massive debris, which put the lives of the passengers of the International Space Station wandering in space in danger. He had to take refuge in his transport spacecraft on Monday to save himself. America is enraged by this dangerous move of Russia.

It is not yet clear when Russia tested this weapon, but the first news in this regard came out on Monday. There has been no statement from Russia in this regard so far. It is being told that the debris of this satellite passed very close to the International Space Station on Monday. Experts monitoring the entire development said that after every 90 minutes or so, the debris of the Russian satellite passed near the space station.
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Debris passes near the International Space Station
Russia’s space agency Roscosmos has confirmed that debris has passed near the space station. NASA Astronaut Mark Vande Hei told NASA’s Mission Control, ‘Thank you for a crazy but completely coordinated day. We appreciate your effort for the information you have provided for each situation. On the other hand, America is furious with this deadly weapon test by Russia.

The US Space Command said that it is aware of the creation of debris in outer space. However, he did not say that this debris was born due to the use of anti-satellite weapons of Russia. He said that we are tracing the area of ​​​​the debris and will further ensure that all countries sending satellites to space are immediately alerted of any danger. Meanwhile, experts and analysts say that there are signs that Russia has used anti-satellite weapons.

Astronauts warned about debris
Experts say that this Russian satellite was just a little higher than the International Space Station. Because of this, the space station came under the grip of debris and will remain so in the future. Before this news came, another news came that the astronauts had been warned about the debris. They then hid in a spacecraft that is designed to return to Earth in case of an emergency.


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