Petrol Diesel Price: Petrol price increased by Rs 109.57 per liter in Punjab, diesel being sold at Rs 99.52

Petrol price in Punjab has gone up to Rs 109.57 per liter on October 29. The price of diesel has reached Rs 99.52 per liter. At the same time, in the capital Chandigarh, the price of diesel has increased to Rs 97.08 and petrol to Rs 104.55 per liter. People are worried about the ever-increasing oil prices. According to the drivers, the continuous increase in prices is affecting their pockets deeply.


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Know how much is the price in your city

You can also know the price of petrol and diesel through SMS. According to the Indian Oil website, you need to send the RSP space to 9224992249 by typing your city code. The code for each city is different, which you will get from the IOCL website.


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